Messenger Bot Mastery 2020 by Udit Goenka

Messenger Bot Mastery 2020

Step-By-Step Course To Get Your Messenger Chat Bot Campaign Up And Running!

What's included?

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Introduction Module to Messenger Bot Masterclass Course
Welcome To Messenger Bot Masterclass!
5 mins
Messenger Bot Marketing Basics
6 mins
Popular Messenger Bot Use Cases
11 mins
What's Next
2 mins
Module 1 - Messenger Strategy
3 Building Blocks Of Messenger Bot Strategy
2 mins
Set Your Main Messenger Bot Goal
4 mins
Your Unique Irresistible Bait
5 mins
Create A List Of Your Traffic Sources
5 mins
Module 2 - Messenger Bot Building
Introduction To Bot Building
2 mins
Getting Familiar With ManyChat
11 mins
Conversational Copywriting
5 mins
Creating Follow-Up Messages
21 mins
Main Menu - Default Messages
19 mins
Last Touches
3 mins
Action Plan
1 min
Module 3 - Traffic Basics
Traffic And Messenger Bots
1 min
Leverage Your Existing Audience
15 mins
Supercharge Your Growth With Paid Promotion
10 mins
Now, Let's Build!
Now, Let's Build!
1 min


Is this course really free?

Yes, our Messenger Mastery course is 100% free!

If I have any questions how can I contact someone?

Please feel free to contact us at

Is there a community?

Yes, glad you asked. We have an amazing community of 3800+ entrepreneurs, marketers and founders. Click here to join.